To-go Containers


Our brown boxes have four flaps and come in a selection of sizes and depths.  Shown here are (starting from the top) sizes 1, 2 and 3.  These are lined with conventional plastic, so they are NOT compostable but are a better alternative than using foam containers.  They are sturdy and can hold up to hot and cold items and travel well.





Our philosophy on to-go containers is that there are two kinds – leftover containers and to-go order containers.  Boxes shown stacked on the left are great for leftover and non-steamy foods.  They are a great value.  The box on the right, comes in 3 compartment or flat bottom and is lined with the same material as our hot cups.  It is perfect for to-go orders, orders that save you table space at your restaurant and that a guest is paying full price for.  These hold up extremely well for hot foods; even enchiladas.  All of these containers are certified ASTM D6400 compostable.




Soup containers!  We recommend using the 12 and 16 oz sizes if you need two sizes – they both take the same sized lid!  Lids are not yet compostable, but the cups are certified ASTM D6400 compostable.







Go-Box.  We love this!  It can be used as a lunch box, filled with a variety of items in their own containers, or hold an entree all on it’s own.  Rare to find and has a great look, kraft brown.  Certified ASTMD6400 compostable.





Our clear boxes are beautiful, yet are temperamental. They do not like being in the sunshine or in warm temperatures.  Great for your cold case and grab-n-go areas.  Perfectly clear and almost airtight.  Certified ASTMD6400 compostable.





Round Deli Containers can come in a variety of sizes.  We only stock the most popular, 8 oz size at the moment, but can order 12, 16, 24 and 32 oz in with less than a 2 week lead time.  These containers do not like sunlight or warm temperatures but are great for a cold case.