Green Goods

IMG_7872Hot Cups 

Hot cups come in two varieties, white with a green band around the base, and kraft brown. All are made from premium FSC certified paperboard, meet ASTM D6400 compostability standards and double seams to withstand boiling water.

Two types of lids are available; bagasse (sugarcane) and ingeo (from plant starches). Bagasse lids are recommended; they compost quicker than the ingeo and a from a less-processed material. Lids for the hot cups are available for every size but the 4 oz.


 IMG_7746Cold Cups

Cold cups are made from NatureWorks Ingeo™, a biopolymer made from US grown plants. These cups should never be placed in a sunny place – as they start to warp at temps above 110F, or left in the sunshine at temps less than 110F.

Sizes 9-20 have universal flat or domed lids.




Plates & Bowls

Our plates and bowls are well sought after since we test each and every one for function and form. Our plates and bowls are the thickest that we can find, are certified compostable and, if we do say so ourselves, super cool looking.

Kraft and cool white colors are available.




To-go Containers

Our philosophy is that there are two types of food containers, to-go and leftover. To-go packaging needs to hold up to hot, soupy foods and, since a table isn’t being occupied, it’s making extra money for your establishment. However, leftover packaging needs to be smaller and not as sturdy. It also can get left behind, so it needs to be a good value. We specifically seek out both types of packaging to meet each need. 




Bags & Can Liners

To find the right bag that fits your food packaging is tricky. Did you know that a square bag CANNOT be mass produced? Crazy, eh? We have a special bag that we use just for our customers, it holds the majority of foodservice packaging without being enormous.

Our can liners are certified compostable, made in California, and perform excellently. 




Napkins Etc

Our napkins are pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves.  They are ’tissue grade’ so they are absorbent and soft, yet are sturdy due to 2-ply construction (when noted).  Made from 100% PCW paper in Canada, they are sure to please.





Cutlery is serious business.  If your knife breaks, or your fork can’t spear lettuce, you are sunk. Good news! Our forks have tapered tines to gather lettuce, our knives are strong enough for tri-tip. We even carry two spoons – a teaspoon and a soup spoon to make sure your guests have the right tool for eating your creations.

Tasting cutlery also available.  All is certified compostable. 



It’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the bamboo that we can carry. But it’s a bit pricey to keep in inventory at all times. We have listed our most commonly purchased items, and these are usually in stock and ready for a one-day turnaround. Other items have a 4 business day turnaround.

Bamboo items are made from the sheath of the bamboo plant and are naturally mold and water resistant. The sheath is a lot like a corn husk, and is layered and adhered together with a water-based, food-safe adhesive.

This is an elite look for your catered events!





This category will be expanding quite a bit in the next year or so.  Single-use anything is really quite wasteful, let’s be honest.  If you have an idea for a reusable item for us to carry, please contact us.  We are nimble and love to stock new items.