Our Story

photo (2)A bit about us…

Passion Purveyors® was born in 2007 out of a need to help foodservice create less waste.  Armed with locally loved produce and certified compostable packaging, we hope to help all foodservice operators tackle something that they don’t always have time for; creating less waste.

What makes us different is that we are passionate about bringing you the best products around, making sure they perform and that you don’t have to overbuy to get what you need.  We focus on delivering our goods with the following business day, with NO MINIMUM ORDER and WE HAPPILY SELL PARTIAL CASES (we call them sleeves).

We service the tri-county area.  Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.

A bit about Lovely Foods…

Our new Lovely Foods division was developed to highlight and distribute perfect foods that are created locally by passionate folks who have your health in mind.

Passion Purveyors® distributes these fabulous food items to local restaurants, cafes, catering companies, churches, schools, independent grocery stores – anywhere that serves carefully prepared foods.

We hope you enjoy these wonderfully created goods as much as we do!

A bit about Green Goods…

Green Goods is how we began – and thanks to all of you who keep us going!

Our foodservice packaging (what we call Green Goods) is delivered locally with no minimum order. It is made from annually renewable resources, like plant fibers and starch, designed to break down in composting conditions – just like a tree branch would.

We hope you enjoy our passion for bringing you the best Green Goods we can find!


“Food is a universal language; there is no one on Earth not affected by it in some way.
Whether you’re a producer, distributor, or a consumer, we all have our role to play.

It’s what we choose to do with that role that will determine the future of food and the environment.”

— Carolyn Swanson, founding owner of Passion Purveyors, LLC